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Frozen columns:
This example demonstrates a pre-filled grid (same as example 1), except that checkboxes have been placed in the first column. Click on a checkbox - notice that the box stays checked as the grid scrolls. It also demonstrates how the grid can be initialized to start at a specified row (this example skips the first 20 rows). Finally, it also shows how sorting and hide/show can be disabled for individual columns (the first column in this example).


Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column 10Column 11Column 12
01Cell 1:3Cell 1:4Cell 1:5Cell 1:6Cell 1:7Cell 1:8Cell 1:9Cell 1:10Cell 1:11Cell 1:12
02Cell 2:3Cell 2:4Cell 2:5Cell 2:6Cell 2:7Cell 2:8Cell 2:9Cell 2:10Cell 2:11Cell 2:12
03Cell 3:3Cell 3:4Cell 3:5Cell 3:6Cell 3:7Cell 3:8Cell 3:9Cell 3:10Cell 3:11Cell 3:12
04Cell 4:3Cell 4:4Cell 4:5Cell 4:6Cell 4:7Cell 4:8Cell 4:9Cell 4:10Cell 4:11Cell 4:12
05Cell 5:3Cell 5:4Cell 5:5Cell 5:6Cell 5:7Cell 5:8Cell 5:9Cell 5:10Cell 5:11Cell 5:12
06Cell 6:3Cell 6:4Cell 6:5Cell 6:6Cell 6:7Cell 6:8Cell 6:9Cell 6:10Cell 6:11Cell 6:12
07Cell 7:3Cell 7:4Cell 7:5Cell 7:6Cell 7:7Cell 7:8Cell 7:9Cell 7:10Cell 7:11Cell 7:12
08Cell 8:3Cell 8:4Cell 8:5Cell 8:6Cell 8:7Cell 8:8Cell 8:9Cell 8:10Cell 8:11Cell 8:12
09Cell 9:3Cell 9:4Cell 9:5Cell 9:6Cell 9:7Cell 9:8Cell 9:9Cell 9:10Cell 9:11Cell 9:12
110Cell 10:3Cell 10:4Cell 10:5Cell 10:6Cell 10:7Cell 10:8Cell 10:9Cell 10:10Cell 10:11Cell 10:12
011Cell 11:3Cell 11:4Cell 11:5Cell 11:6Cell 11:7Cell 11:8Cell 11:9Cell 11:10Cell 11:11Cell 11:12
012Cell 12:3Cell 12:4Cell 12:5Cell 12:6Cell 12:7Cell 12:8Cell 12:9Cell 12:10Cell 12:11Cell 12:12
013Cell 13:3Cell 13:4Cell 13:5Cell 13:6Cell 13:7Cell 13:8Cell 13:9Cell 13:10Cell 13:11Cell 13:12
014Cell 14:3Cell 14:4Cell 14:5Cell 14:6Cell 14:7Cell 14:8Cell 14:9Cell 14:10Cell 14:11Cell 14:12
015Cell 15:3Cell 15:4Cell 15:5Cell 15:6Cell 15:7Cell 15:8Cell 15:9Cell 15:10Cell 15:11Cell 15:12
016Cell 16:3Cell 16:4Cell 16:5Cell 16:6Cell 16:7Cell 16:8Cell 16:9Cell 16:10Cell 16:11Cell 16:12
017Cell 17:3Cell 17:4Cell 17:5Cell 17:6Cell 17:7Cell 17:8Cell 17:9Cell 17:10Cell 17:11Cell 17:12
018Cell 18:3Cell 18:4Cell 18:5Cell 18:6Cell 18:7Cell 18:8Cell 18:9Cell 18:10Cell 18:11Cell 18:12
019Cell 19:3Cell 19:4Cell 19:5Cell 19:6Cell 19:7Cell 19:8Cell 19:9Cell 19:10Cell 19:11Cell 19:12
120Cell 20:3Cell 20:4Cell 20:5Cell 20:6Cell 20:7Cell 20:8Cell 20:9Cell 20:10Cell 20:11Cell 20:12
021Cell 21:3Cell 21:4Cell 21:5Cell 21:6Cell 21:7Cell 21:8Cell 21:9Cell 21:10Cell 21:11Cell 21:12
022Cell 22:3Cell 22:4Cell 22:5Cell 22:6Cell 22:7Cell 22:8Cell 22:9Cell 22:10Cell 22:11Cell 22:12
023Cell 23:3Cell 23:4Cell 23:5Cell 23:6Cell 23:7Cell 23:8Cell 23:9Cell 23:10Cell 23:11Cell 23:12
024Cell 24:3Cell 24:4Cell 24:5Cell 24:6Cell 24:7Cell 24:8Cell 24:9Cell 24:10Cell 24:11Cell 24:12
025Cell 25:3Cell 25:4Cell 25:5Cell 25:6Cell 25:7Cell 25:8Cell 25:9Cell 25:10Cell 25:11Cell 25:12
026Cell 26:3Cell 26:4Cell 26:5Cell 26:6Cell 26:7Cell 26:8Cell 26:9Cell 26:10Cell 26:11Cell 26:12
027Cell 27:3Cell 27:4Cell 27:5Cell 27:6Cell 27:7Cell 27:8Cell 27:9Cell 27:10Cell 27:11Cell 27:12
028Cell 28:3Cell 28:4Cell 28:5Cell 28:6Cell 28:7Cell 28:8Cell 28:9Cell 28:10Cell 28:11Cell 28:12
029Cell 29:3Cell 29:4Cell 29:5Cell 29:6Cell 29:7Cell 29:8Cell 29:9Cell 29:10Cell 29:11Cell 29:12
130Cell 30:3Cell 30:4Cell 30:5Cell 30:6Cell 30:7Cell 30:8Cell 30:9Cell 30:10Cell 30:11Cell 30:12
031Cell 31:3Cell 31:4Cell 31:5Cell 31:6Cell 31:7Cell 31:8Cell 31:9Cell 31:10Cell 31:11Cell 31:12
032Cell 32:3Cell 32:4Cell 32:5Cell 32:6Cell 32:7Cell 32:8Cell 32:9Cell 32:10Cell 32:11Cell 32:12
033Cell 33:3Cell 33:4Cell 33:5Cell 33:6Cell 33:7Cell 33:8Cell 33:9Cell 33:10Cell 33:11Cell 33:12
034Cell 34:3Cell 34:4Cell 34:5Cell 34:6Cell 34:7Cell 34:8Cell 34:9Cell 34:10Cell 34:11Cell 34:12
035Cell 35:3Cell 35:4Cell 35:5Cell 35:6Cell 35:7Cell 35:8Cell 35:9Cell 35:10Cell 35:11Cell 35:12
036Cell 36:3Cell 36:4Cell 36:5Cell 36:6Cell 36:7Cell 36:8Cell 36:9Cell 36:10Cell 36:11Cell 36:12
037Cell 37:3Cell 37:4Cell 37:5Cell 37:6Cell 37:7Cell 37:8Cell 37:9Cell 37:10Cell 37:11Cell 37:12
038Cell 38:3Cell 38:4Cell 38:5Cell 38:6Cell 38:7Cell 38:8Cell 38:9Cell 38:10Cell 38:11Cell 38:12
039Cell 39:3Cell 39:4Cell 39:5Cell 39:6Cell 39:7Cell 39:8Cell 39:9Cell 39:10Cell 39:11Cell 39:12
140Cell 40:3Cell 40:4Cell 40:5Cell 40:6Cell 40:7Cell 40:8Cell 40:9Cell 40:10Cell 40:11Cell 40:12
041Cell 41:3Cell 41:4Cell 41:5Cell 41:6Cell 41:7Cell 41:8Cell 41:9Cell 41:10Cell 41:11Cell 41:12
042Cell 42:3Cell 42:4Cell 42:5Cell 42:6Cell 42:7Cell 42:8Cell 42:9Cell 42:10Cell 42:11Cell 42:12
043Cell 43:3Cell 43:4Cell 43:5Cell 43:6Cell 43:7Cell 43:8Cell 43:9Cell 43:10Cell 43:11Cell 43:12
044Cell 44:3Cell 44:4Cell 44:5Cell 44:6Cell 44:7Cell 44:8Cell 44:9Cell 44:10Cell 44:11Cell 44:12
045Cell 45:3Cell 45:4Cell 45:5Cell 45:6Cell 45:7Cell 45:8Cell 45:9Cell 45:10Cell 45:11Cell 45:12
046Cell 46:3Cell 46:4Cell 46:5Cell 46:6Cell 46:7Cell 46:8Cell 46:9Cell 46:10Cell 46:11Cell 46:12
047Cell 47:3Cell 47:4Cell 47:5Cell 47:6Cell 47:7Cell 47:8Cell 47:9Cell 47:10Cell 47:11Cell 47:12
048Cell 48:3Cell 48:4Cell 48:5Cell 48:6Cell 48:7Cell 48:8Cell 48:9Cell 48:10Cell 48:11Cell 48:12
049Cell 49:3Cell 49:4Cell 49:5Cell 49:6Cell 49:7Cell 49:8Cell 49:9Cell 49:10Cell 49:11Cell 49:12
150Cell 50:3Cell 50:4Cell 50:5Cell 50:6Cell 50:7Cell 50:8Cell 50:9Cell 50:10Cell 50:11Cell 50:12
051Cell 51:3Cell 51:4Cell 51:5Cell 51:6Cell 51:7Cell 51:8Cell 51:9Cell 51:10Cell 51:11Cell 51:12
052Cell 52:3Cell 52:4Cell 52:5Cell 52:6Cell 52:7Cell 52:8Cell 52:9Cell 52:10Cell 52:11Cell 52:12
053Cell 53:3Cell 53:4Cell 53:5Cell 53:6Cell 53:7Cell 53:8Cell 53:9Cell 53:10Cell 53:11Cell 53:12
054Cell 54:3Cell 54:4Cell 54:5Cell 54:6Cell 54:7Cell 54:8Cell 54:9Cell 54:10Cell 54:11Cell 54:12
055Cell 55:3Cell 55:4Cell 55:5Cell 55:6Cell 55:7Cell 55:8Cell 55:9Cell 55:10Cell 55:11Cell 55:12
056Cell 56:3Cell 56:4Cell 56:5Cell 56:6Cell 56:7Cell 56:8Cell 56:9Cell 56:10Cell 56:11Cell 56:12
057Cell 57:3Cell 57:4Cell 57:5Cell 57:6Cell 57:7Cell 57:8Cell 57:9Cell 57:10Cell 57:11Cell 57:12
058Cell 58:3Cell 58:4Cell 58:5Cell 58:6Cell 58:7Cell 58:8Cell 58:9Cell 58:10Cell 58:11Cell 58:12
059Cell 59:3Cell 59:4Cell 59:5Cell 59:6Cell 59:7Cell 59:8Cell 59:9Cell 59:10Cell 59:11Cell 59:12
160Cell 60:3Cell 60:4Cell 60:5Cell 60:6Cell 60:7Cell 60:8Cell 60:9Cell 60:10Cell 60:11Cell 60:12
061Cell 61:3Cell 61:4Cell 61:5Cell 61:6Cell 61:7Cell 61:8Cell 61:9Cell 61:10Cell 61:11Cell 61:12
062Cell 62:3Cell 62:4Cell 62:5Cell 62:6Cell 62:7Cell 62:8Cell 62:9Cell 62:10Cell 62:11Cell 62:12
063Cell 63:3Cell 63:4Cell 63:5Cell 63:6Cell 63:7Cell 63:8Cell 63:9Cell 63:10Cell 63:11Cell 63:12
064Cell 64:3Cell 64:4Cell 64:5Cell 64:6Cell 64:7Cell 64:8Cell 64:9Cell 64:10Cell 64:11Cell 64:12
065Cell 65:3Cell 65:4Cell 65:5Cell 65:6Cell 65:7Cell 65:8Cell 65:9Cell 65:10Cell 65:11Cell 65:12
066Cell 66:3Cell 66:4Cell 66:5Cell 66:6Cell 66:7Cell 66:8Cell 66:9Cell 66:10Cell 66:11Cell 66:12
067Cell 67:3Cell 67:4Cell 67:5Cell 67:6Cell 67:7Cell 67:8Cell 67:9Cell 67:10Cell 67:11Cell 67:12
068Cell 68:3Cell 68:4Cell 68:5Cell 68:6Cell 68:7Cell 68:8Cell 68:9Cell 68:10Cell 68:11Cell 68:12
069Cell 69:3Cell 69:4Cell 69:5Cell 69:6Cell 69:7Cell 69:8Cell 69:9Cell 69:10Cell 69:11Cell 69:12
170Cell 70:3Cell 70:4Cell 70:5Cell 70:6Cell 70:7Cell 70:8Cell 70:9Cell 70:10Cell 70:11Cell 70:12
071Cell 71:3Cell 71:4Cell 71:5Cell 71:6Cell 71:7Cell 71:8Cell 71:9Cell 71:10Cell 71:11Cell 71:12
072Cell 72:3Cell 72:4Cell 72:5Cell 72:6Cell 72:7Cell 72:8Cell 72:9Cell 72:10Cell 72:11Cell 72:12
073Cell 73:3Cell 73:4Cell 73:5Cell 73:6Cell 73:7Cell 73:8Cell 73:9Cell 73:10Cell 73:11Cell 73:12
074Cell 74:3Cell 74:4Cell 74:5Cell 74:6Cell 74:7Cell 74:8Cell 74:9Cell 74:10Cell 74:11Cell 74:12
075Cell 75:3Cell 75:4Cell 75:5Cell 75:6Cell 75:7Cell 75:8Cell 75:9Cell 75:10Cell 75:11Cell 75:12
076Cell 76:3Cell 76:4Cell 76:5Cell 76:6Cell 76:7Cell 76:8Cell 76:9Cell 76:10Cell 76:11Cell 76:12
077Cell 77:3Cell 77:4Cell 77:5Cell 77:6Cell 77:7Cell 77:8Cell 77:9Cell 77:10Cell 77:11Cell 77:12
078Cell 78:3Cell 78:4Cell 78:5Cell 78:6Cell 78:7Cell 78:8Cell 78:9Cell 78:10Cell 78:11Cell 78:12
079Cell 79:3Cell 79:4Cell 79:5Cell 79:6Cell 79:7Cell 79:8Cell 79:9Cell 79:10Cell 79:11Cell 79:12
180Cell 80:3Cell 80:4Cell 80:5Cell 80:6Cell 80:7Cell 80:8Cell 80:9Cell 80:10Cell 80:11Cell 80:12
081Cell 81:3Cell 81:4Cell 81:5Cell 81:6Cell 81:7Cell 81:8Cell 81:9Cell 81:10Cell 81:11Cell 81:12
082Cell 82:3Cell 82:4Cell 82:5Cell 82:6Cell 82:7Cell 82:8Cell 82:9Cell 82:10Cell 82:11Cell 82:12
083Cell 83:3Cell 83:4Cell 83:5Cell 83:6Cell 83:7Cell 83:8Cell 83:9Cell 83:10Cell 83:11Cell 83:12
084Cell 84:3Cell 84:4Cell 84:5Cell 84:6Cell 84:7Cell 84:8Cell 84:9Cell 84:10Cell 84:11Cell 84:12
085Cell 85:3Cell 85:4Cell 85:5Cell 85:6Cell 85:7Cell 85:8Cell 85:9Cell 85:10Cell 85:11Cell 85:12
086Cell 86:3Cell 86:4Cell 86:5Cell 86:6Cell 86:7Cell 86:8Cell 86:9Cell 86:10Cell 86:11Cell 86:12
087Cell 87:3Cell 87:4Cell 87:5Cell 87:6Cell 87:7Cell 87:8Cell 87:9Cell 87:10Cell 87:11Cell 87:12
088Cell 88:3Cell 88:4Cell 88:5Cell 88:6Cell 88:7Cell 88:8Cell 88:9Cell 88:10Cell 88:11Cell 88:12
089Cell 89:3Cell 89:4Cell 89:5Cell 89:6Cell 89:7Cell 89:8Cell 89:9Cell 89:10Cell 89:11Cell 89:12
190Cell 90:3Cell 90:4Cell 90:5Cell 90:6Cell 90:7Cell 90:8Cell 90:9Cell 90:10Cell 90:11Cell 90:12
091Cell 91:3Cell 91:4Cell 91:5Cell 91:6Cell 91:7Cell 91:8Cell 91:9Cell 91:10Cell 91:11Cell 91:12
092Cell 92:3Cell 92:4Cell 92:5Cell 92:6Cell 92:7Cell 92:8Cell 92:9Cell 92:10Cell 92:11Cell 92:12
093Cell 93:3Cell 93:4Cell 93:5Cell 93:6Cell 93:7Cell 93:8Cell 93:9Cell 93:10Cell 93:11Cell 93:12
094Cell 94:3Cell 94:4Cell 94:5Cell 94:6Cell 94:7Cell 94:8Cell 94:9Cell 94:10Cell 94:11Cell 94:12
095Cell 95:3Cell 95:4Cell 95:5Cell 95:6Cell 95:7Cell 95:8Cell 95:9Cell 95:10Cell 95:11Cell 95:12
096Cell 96:3Cell 96:4Cell 96:5Cell 96:6Cell 96:7Cell 96:8Cell 96:9Cell 96:10Cell 96:11Cell 96:12
097Cell 97:3Cell 97:4Cell 97:5Cell 97:6Cell 97:7Cell 97:8Cell 97:9Cell 97:10Cell 97:11Cell 97:12
098Cell 98:3Cell 98:4Cell 98:5Cell 98:6Cell 98:7Cell 98:8Cell 98:9Cell 98:10Cell 98:11Cell 98:12
099Cell 99:3Cell 99:4Cell 99:5Cell 99:6Cell 99:7Cell 99:8Cell 99:9Cell 99:10Cell 99:11Cell 99:12
1100Cell 100:3Cell 100:4Cell 100:5Cell 100:6Cell 100:7Cell 100:8Cell 100:9Cell 100:10Cell 100:11Cell 100:12