This LiveGrid demonstrates how an AjaxXML buffer can be loaded from ricoXMLquery, and still have filters applied as the user types. The AjaxXML buffer will load all rows into the buffer at grid startup, as opposed to the AjaxSQL buffer which loads data in chunks as needed. Filtering is performed on the client -- responsiveness will vary with the speed of the client computer, the number of rows in the grid, and the efficiency of the browser. Note the "saveColumnInfo" option - filter settings are saved in a cookie and restored when the user returns to the page.
  buffer=new Rico.Buffer.AjaxXML('ricoXMLquery.asp');

  var grid_options = {
    frozenColumns:  1,
    FilterLocation: -1,     // put filter on a new header row
    saveColumnInfo: {width:true, filter:true, sort:true},
    columnSpecs:  [,,{filterUI:'t',width:150},
                   {filterUI:'t',width:100}, {filterUI:'s',width:100},
                   {type:'date',width:90}, {type:'date',width:90}]


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