opening connection

This LiveGrid demonstrates how filters can be applied as the user types. Filtering is performed on the server -- responsiveness will vary with the speed of the server and the speed of the network. Case-sensitivity in the text boxes will depend on database settings. Note the "saveColumnInfo" option - filter settings are saved in a cookie and restored when the user returns to the page.
  // filterUI='t' --> text box
  // filterUI='s' --> select list
  var grid_options = {
    frozenColumns:  1,
    FilterLocation: -1,     // put filter on a new header row
    saveColumnInfo: {width:true, filter:true, sort:true},
    columnSpecs:  [,,{filterUI:'t',width:150},
                   {filterUI:'t',width:100}, {filterUI:'s',width:100},


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