Introduction & Documentation
HTML Examples (Accordion, Spreadsheet, etc)
PHP Examples

The PHP-based XML data provider (ricoXMLquery.php, dbClass2.php, ricoXmlResponse.php) has been tested with the following databases: MySQL 4 & 5, Oracle XE, SQL Server 2005, MS Access.

LiveGrid-Static Buffer
Uses Rico.Buffer.Base - takes advantage of LiveGrid scrolling, but no AJAX
LiveGrid-Database Connection
Uses Rico.Buffer.AjaxSQL on the client and Rico's PHP plug-in on the server to pass query results from the database to the client via AJAX
LiveGrid Forms-Database Connection
Popup forms allow data to be edited and posted back to the original script. Populated using Rico.Buffer.AjaxSQL
LiveGrid-XML Data Source
Uses Rico.Buffer.AjaxXML to load data via AJAX at grid startup
No buffer - all data is in the DOM
Popup Controls