This example demonstrates how to substitute a javascript call for an AJAX request in the AjaxSQL buffer. Rather than passing a string containing the url to the data provider, you pass a function to the Rico.Buffer.AjaxSQL constructor.
buffer=new Rico.Buffer.AjaxSQL(jsfetch);
function jsfetch(options) {
  var newRows=[], totrows=500;
  var offset=options.parameters.offset;
  var limit=Math.min(totrows-offset,options.parameters.page_size)
  for (var r=0; r<limit; r++) {
    var row=[];
    row.push(new Date().toString());
    for (var c=2; c<5; c++) row.push('cell '+(r+offset)+':'+c);


Time of Data Fetch Offset Column 3 Column 4 Column 5